Make STEM fun, convenient, and weather-proofed for your family with the Starry Land Playground!

 What does STEM stand for? Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. In today’s age, where technical and scientific skills have become invaluable for our children as they grow up and enter the workplace, making science fun has never been so crucial.

Combine valuable learning time with equally as valuable playtime thanks to the Starry Land Playground!


Physics, chemistry, and biology… all available to learn through Starry Land!


Provide your child with the techniques, skills, methods, and processes to master technology at an early age.


Design and build interactive kid-friendly structures, machines, appliances, and other engineering-related products.


Help your child learn and comprehend the basics of mathematics early based on the formulated calculation method.

About Us

Here at Starry Land, we, as parents, know first-hand that indoor children’s playgrounds are a go-to for recreation: when the skies turn cloudy here in Prince Edward Island, you know exactly where to turn! On top of being convenient, easily assembled, and safe for the whole family, our playgrounds uniquely focus on the theme of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to both foster children’s physical development and their intellectual understanding of STEM concepts.

We Care

Environmental protection is as important to us as your family’s health, safety, and enjoyment. We encourage children to care for their Starry Land products and promote the reusing of toys as long as they are in good condition. So when your child outgrows Starry Land? Either keep it for the next generation or pass it on to a loved one with children of their own!

Online Learning

We utilize the online learning channel with the cooperation of “Odoo” to promote and teach the basic Mandarin (Chinese language) for free.  Please feel free to register and try it out!